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Every wedding is unique...an unforgettable love story that is yours and yours alone.

We understand that, and work with you to bring a special something to your wedding photos and video.

We like to bring out the passion and the romance...we capture the moments that show the beauty and emotion of your union, and the sharing of that with the people you love.

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We understand that it's a big decision, so we encourage you to pick up the phone and talk to us.

We cater for weddings of all sizes and all styles, whether you choose to marry on a beach or in a ballroom.

We will listen to you and create a photography and video package that perfectly suits your requirements.

No two weddings are the same.

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Dmitriy Komarov - AIPP accredited professional photographer

Dmitriy is a photographer who puts all his passion and love for his craft into his photographs.

He likes to use different photography styles and equipment to capture each unique story, instinctively able to put himself in the right spot to capture a special moment just at the right time.

He is full of suggestions for couples when it comes to creating photos that are truly memorable. He has even been known to use underwater housings when the occasion suits.

His aim is to capture the happiness, laughter and excitement of the day - right down to the expressions on peoples' faces.

And his passion for what he does is not confined to the wedding day - he loves compiling wedding albums and slideshows that will delight his newly married couples and tell the story of their wedding for many years to come.

"My goal is to express your personality and artistically document the moments of your wedding day, so you can relive these memories years after and proudly show your photos to your loved ones."  Dmitriy Komarov.



Justina Komarova - videographer

Justina has a special gift when it comes to filming weddings.

She was behind the camera long before she started to do it for a living, with her professional Sony NEX EA 50 UH camera always in tow.  

She followed the advice of her father: “Chase the dream” and developed her passion for filming and then editing the cinematic films herself to a professional level.

With a Sydney Film School background and vast amounts of experience - along with her sunny smile and easy-going personality - Justina creates a very relaxing environment when she is filming, which brings out the best in her subjects.

Her videos capture every nuance of your special day.


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