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"Getting ready" in the Whitsundays - The whole story in one shot.

18 February 2017

"Stop! What's going on? At first glance I thought it was her, but it's not or maybe it's her picture of when she was much younger...?"

"Does she want to have the same hairstyle or she's just hiding from the photographer...?"

The more questions you ask, the more you get captured by the image.

Imagine -- You're standing in front of a photograph in a gallery for a long time... It pulls at your soul, like a master-mind or magician, pulls the strings of it's audience... You're really captured by it and you feel that you must have it no matter what... so you buy it. It's finally on the wall in your room and you're ecstatic that it lives in your house with you - it is now part of your everyday life.

The truth is, it's not you who took it and brought it home, but the image itself... It has completely enchanted you; took over your senses, blurred your thoughts and reason and maybe even made you fall in love or drove you mad (which, let's be honest, is the exact same thing... I mean it in the most positive way possible, of course) ~ That's the power and energy I always strive for in my work and want to share it with you. I hope, none of it is in vain...

Unfortunately,  for more than half of all orders, these unique and important "Getting ready" moments are not the main focus of couples on their special day, for one reason or the other... My hope is, that with this article, I'll manage to show you how singular, unforgettable and special your story can become with them. I believe you can tell, just by looking through these images, of how beautiful and creative your photo memories will be, with the inclusion of such a unique aspect from your wedding day.

I would like to assure you, that I will never interfere with your "getting ready" process -- I will let it flow in the most natural and comfortable way for you and your loved ones ~ Taking time and capturing it all in a photo journalistic style.

And perhaps, sometimes, you will even become a witness to some very intriguing and funny events that might take place right before your eyes -- Me climbing like a monkey, (Yes, you read that right... but then again, what wouldn't one do for that perfect image?...) running like a racehorse (Because there's this masterpiece of a shot I see, but I'm standing waaaay too far from it..) or making friends with the kids, pretending to be a clown... (Because I will need more actors for my next shot...)

Please don't be alarmed by any of this...

When a person truly loves his work, he does it with so much passion, that it's no longer just work for him -- it becomes part of his soul.