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"How deep is your love?" Nate & Vicki. Love Story. Airlie Beach.

08 June 2015

                                                                                                                                            "The more laughter, the more smiles and the more love."



Creating the Love Story was an amazing experience, one I'll never forget and treasure forever.

Shooting the photos I felt a range of emotions, excitement, love, passion, intimacy and there was a lot of laughter!

It's not as easy as it looks to pose and create photos underwater, but our photographer Dimi was great. His patience (he needed a lot with us), creativity and passion for the job made us feel very comfortable during the shoot.

My advice would be to just relax, and pretend it's just you and your partner alone. That way your passion and love will reflect naturally in the photographs. Be completely yourself, get creative and enjoy it. The more laughter, the more smiles and the more love.

It was  a magical feeling underwater, it felt like being in a bubble, just my partner and I. I recommend this shoot to everyone, get creative with your very own love story under water.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Victoria Jones


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Here is what our main photographer Dimi (Dmitriy) said:

"I love to do something special, not trivial. It relates to my wedding shots and the life itself.

I like when the couples I work with trying to look at their relationship at different angle and make it bright and interesting.

Normal is nothing for me. I think the most of you would prefer professionally taken, journalistic and extraordinary pictures to  the boring and unprofessional still ones.

The picture is not only the image for me.

You may feel the same smell, feelings, energy and and even how the time goes by looking on the image. It's not easy to get such a picture by only pushing your camera button. I would say it's the most difficult style in the photography and the most interesting for me.

Here, in the Whitsundays, I offer my photography skills to everyone who is passionate about their life and want to try something new. Your wedding or your Love Story can look different and still interesting years and years after if you add the proper photographer to your special moment.

I think, you would agree with me again that you can make the big canvas print from any of the above images and hang it on the wall in your living room or send it as a gift to your loved ones. It'll inspire you at anytime no matter how many years had passed.

There are enough pools on the Daydream Island, Hayman Island or in Airlie Beach itself to show up  "How deep your love is" and tick the box as the unforgettable experience of your lifetime.

I'm happy to help you with it. We call it "Trash the Dress", "Love Story" or the Pre-Wedding Shots.

There is no drama if you don't want to go into the pool in you wedding dress for some reasons. You may choose whatever you want, but to my mind the wedding dress is the best.

If you are staying overnight on the Islands or on the mainland (that's what everybody do by the way), we can do the underwater part of your Love Story on the next day after your wedding. You'll refill your energy and to my mind it's the best finish of your event and one of the best starts of a new family life!

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiries.

Sincerely Yours