Pre wedding photography. Airlie Beach. Stacey & Kevin.

17 April 2016

If you are thinking, where to start and what to do, I can't tell exactly. All couples are different. They have different energy, style, passion and lifestyle.

It's all good. I know what to do and how to get an interesting pictures with all of them. Stacey and Kevin agreed with me, that the natural and candid shots are better than posing. I open you the secret, we did both, but all the photos look natural. There is their Love, energy, passion and the story of their relationship itself...You may find the last one in their eyes and smiles, in the language of their bodies and in what they were capable to do together. I must say, they can do a lot! They can run in the middle of Airlie Beach  main street  braking the street rules, they can climb on the trees helping each other even if it's not easy and have fun on the branches somewhere on the top when nobody can see them, they can.......I can't describe all of it, but from the first working minutes  I felt that they have a great interesting future together.

So, here is the story....

Street Photography, Airlie Beach

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street photography, Airlie Beach

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Shute Harbour Road, main street, Airlie Beach

Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach

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Airlie Beach wedding photography

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Anzac Point, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays

Anzac Point, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays

piggy back

piggy back

On the Anzac Point, Airlie Beach

near the Anzac Point, Airlie Beach

beautiful Airlie

Airlie Beach, Anzac Point

better when we are together

before the sun went down

before the sunset, Airlie Beach

kiss of Love

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Airlie Beach wedding photography

 dog and Love

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let them keep their secrets

in a bush

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