Wind of Life. Morocco.

Wind of Life. Morocco.

...he was staying on the road with his car broken, stopped me and asked to give him a lift to Oarzazate. I said yes and it changed my route. I was driving to Merzouga desert and going to find the local guy with two camels and ask him to go in a desert for two days. Ibrahim, that was the name of the man I picked up, said, that Mhamid desert is much better and that he has a family there, definitely, from today I'm a part of it, because I helped him and it's gonna be a really good-good price...He also said that it's a destiny, that we've met, and they call it a Wind of Life in Sahara...

That wind of life not only changed my route but changed my trust to Morrocan people at started straight on the first day...Here is the story.


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                                                        "It's important who you are travelling with. The people influence on your world perception." 

Let's tell the truth...


I got used to trust people everywhere I've been. I got out of my plane and took a bus to Marrakech medina. I got off and straight when I was about to put my backpack on, one moroccan man with the nice smile came up to me and asked whether I've booked a hotel or no. I said Yes, I do and he asked the name. It was Cactus hostel. 

With the nice smile, bright eyes and a warm hospitality he said that he can show me the way and I didn't recognise anything. I just thought that he is simply going to help like another people do...

Marrakech. Travel morocco....We took a lot of turns, went left and right through the narrow medina streets and I thought that time: "I definitely wouldn't find my hostel without him. This streets are so complicated. As it appeared later, there is the 4 times shorter way through the main square..ahaha...

We came to the dead end street and the man opened his palm and asked for unbelievable money to pay him for his help. That was a moment that I was proud that I have some tough Russian molecules in my blood and switched it on. I said that it's not honest and that he should tell me about it in advance, I also said that I didn't sign the agreement to pay and that it's not fricking Moroccan "Welcome hospitality". I said that I can give him some coins, otherwise he is free.

He didn't expect it...He was upset, took that coins and with opposite looking face, which I saw at the beginning disappeared..

I thought it happened by chance and knocked on a green hostel's door.

City tax, Leather and Figs.

The hostel was nice and was filled up with interesting travellers. The price was attractive: 3 Euros a night that's why I booked it with Hostelworld. When I was about to pay, it appeared that I have to pay two times more, because there is some Marrakech city taxes. I agreed, because even the doubled price was cheap. Well, I thought, that's a hidden extras...But, there is no information about it on the web...

So, they won 2:0 just in two hours of my presence in Marrakech. 

I went for a walk...




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