The wedding season in the Whitsundays came to the end. I photographed an amazing couples and worked with awesome wedding celebrants. The weddings and people are always different as well as the locations. There are no same weddings. I picked up a couple of photographs from this spring high photography intensity month's.


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Bowen is one of themes beautiful wedding destinations in theWhitsundays. I call it Australian Seychelles due to it's rocky beaches and clear water. Imagine, if we have such as Horseshoe Bay beach in Airlie?! Renata & Anthony made the right choice of picking up Bowen as their wedding destination. Here is why...



When you plan your Wedding at the end of November in the Whitsundays, you have a chance of rain on your wedding day. That what happened with us. What I noticed from my previous weddings, it normally stops raining to let the couple to sign up their certificate and to let me to do my shots. It stopped raining just before there was the time to sign up. Even the sun came out! Isn't it magic? Yes!

I picked up some interesting moments from their 180 photograps, which they've got from me edited and ready to print from our 1 hour creative working time.

It was amazing day for proposal. Kayla didn't suspect something. They just came to the Whitehaven Beach on a helicopter to enjoy an amazing scenery of the Hill Inlet and the Whitehaven beach. I would say it's the best way to impress your partner. After this mind blowing flight she even didn't have a chance to say no. That's what Daniel needed.

I came to the place they were about to land on another helicopter, got my cameras ready for a distance shot and was sitting peacefully with the pilot, chatting about the jobs in the Whitsundays. We even put the coconut for another helicopter pilot so he knows where to land. In this case they would land straight on the spot I needed for a nice shot.

Kyla didn't know anything about it, but Daniel knew...

Jon and Kathleen were lucky...When you book your wedding day, you don't know exactly what the weather will bring you...You can only hope... It was raining a day before, but it was perfect on their wedding day. Despite of the hot February weather, we did have an amazing light winds and even the soft light for photography, because the sun decided to go behind the clouds.
Allie and Tom decided to make their wedding unique and special. Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort attracted them by it's "can't repeat atmosphere", green jungles, blue water, magnificent views and a a friendly staff. I was so happy to be their wedding photographer for a couple of hours and it was so great to work with wedding celebrant Kylie McIntosh again.

Dawid and Ewa made a long way to Airlie Beach to get married. From the whole world they picked up Airlie Beach for their important day. We should be proud of where we live in, shouldn't we?

The Boathaven beach is one of the best spots to get married if you are on a budget, have an elopement wedding and not going to spend more than two hours for the ceremony and photography. I must say we have it all here for after the ceremony location shots. Just have a look...

This couple made a long way from the south to get married in the one of the most beautiful places. I was so happy to be their wedding photographer in Airlie Beach. I was working only for one hour, but look how much we have done.
For me it was a month full of unforgettable wedding moments. Different couple and different locations were an art challenge for me as always. The images should tell the stories....Here they are...
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