Dawid and Ewa made a long way to Airlie Beach to get married. From the whole world they picked up Airlie Beach for their important day. We should be proud of where we live in, shouldn't we?

The Boathaven beach is one of the best spots to get married if you are on a budget, have an elopement wedding and not going to spend more than two hours for the ceremony and photography. I must say we have it all here for after the ceremony location shots. Just have a look...

This couple made a long way from the south to get married in the one of the most beautiful places. I was so happy to be their wedding photographer in Airlie Beach. I was working only for one hour, but look how much we have done.
For me it was a month full of unforgettable wedding moments. Different couple and different locations were an art challenge for me as always. The images should tell the stories....Here they are...

They were in love and happy. I saw it in their eyes.

The weather was up and down and just at the end of a heavy rain charge they appeared on the Boathaven beach, where me and Jan were waiting them for, without any umbrellas.

"We are unprepared",-said to me Andrew and looked at Shiela. Their happiness were on the scale 10 and you normally don't care about rain when you are overfilled with love and excited to get married...

That's how it was. The rain stopped specially for them for two hours. Isn't it magic?                   

It was raining for the whole week. She was from Canada and planned this wedding long before. Definitely, they dreamed about the sunny weather and magnificent sunsets.

Suddenly the rain, which was pouring for the whole morning stopped and allowed us not only to have the "dry" ceremony but the rest of the day. Kristina & Glenn were shining anyway. It was their special day.

...Only you both know this secret. You've bought the tickets and landed in the Whitsundays to tight the knot...Nobody else know about it but wind and sun.

Here is the new collection of interesting moments from August 2018. The moments you can't repeat but remember.

Every wedding is unique and different and it's all up to us of  how we are going to make our special moments unforgettable. The wedding photography is one of this ways...

We supposed to go to the Whitehaven Beach on two helicopters, but unfortunately the weather didn't let us go. It was raining from time to time and after we had a ceremony in Peppers resort we went on the Boathaven beach for the location shots. It was awesome!
Here is some of the images of those unforgettable moments from Rhiannon & Michael wedding which took place in Airlie Beach and Cannonvale on the 30-th of December 2017. What you need for the weather is sun and wind. We had both of them. For me as their photographer they were perfect. Just have a look at this natural candid photographs. There is passion, energy and love are coming over the edges. The fire burns in their hearts and eyes.

Photo journalistic style in wedding photography is the most difficult and more interesting for me. You need to feel where to be to do the proper shot. You don't have the time to repeat. You are running like a horse the whole day, trying to be in time and notice what happens around. That's my way...

If there is a lot of energy I need to capture and show it later. Kayla & Jamie wedding photographs is the nice reflection of what I'm doing and what we did together on their wedding day.

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