Allie & Tim. Intercontinental. Hayman Island Wedding.

Allie & Tim. Intercontinental. Hayman Island Wedding.
Allie and Tom decided to make their wedding unique and special. Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort attracted them by it's "can't repeat atmosphere", green jungles, blue water, magnificent views and a a friendly staff. I was so happy to be their wedding photographer for a couple of hours and it was so great to work with wedding celebrant Kylie McIntosh again.
Wedding photography/video «Sweet Studio»

dim-121 The happiness depends on on us. I would say it's our choice. We don't understand it sometimes, when we are in love, cause love overfills us and we start to shine independently of our choice.

Allie and Tom were so happy, that they finally married, that that brightness of the surrounding area make this image look shining from every corner. I helped to capture it, for sure.

Coconut Beach Wedding. Hayman Island.

The Coconut Beach was perfect for a wedding ceremony. You don't need to go far to do the unique wedding shots to capture their unforgettable moments for good. The difference make the image special for sure. I could do the old school photography here, but I don't like normality and repeats. Every couple is special and different for me and the value of image get measured by the time you are staring at it.

Hayman Island wedding photographer

Here it is, one of my favorite shots of that day. The greens make it so special as well as the right skills and photography equipment. Every lens is like a brush, paints differently.

Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort Wedding Photographer

I didn't have a time for a pool shots. The two hours is a really short time to cover all the different spots and ideas. I would like to have one more hour by the pool to do the shots from the balcony and trash the dress shots in a water. Anyway, we got a lot of interesting shots from the two hours (250 edited photographs) and here is some of them. Hope you will agree with me that they reflect the spirit of the wedding day and like a small photography story inspire you to do the same, ahaha.

Enjoy the images and if you are thinking about of whom to take as your wedding photographer, please go to my gallery and have a look...there is the truth...

See you soon....

Dimi Kash


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