Black and White. Whitsunday Weddings. Best photographer in Airlie Beach.

Black and White. Whitsunday Weddings. Best photographer in Airlie Beach.
Black & Whites. The colours don't shade the emotions. The emotions are the colour of our life.
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I hope you agree by looking at this photographs, that the colour, which could attract your attention and shade the emotions has gone and the photographs are more alive. They are different. I don't say, that we don't need the colour photographs...No...I would say, as a photographer I want to share the story of the event in any way possible...It can be the different lenses, styles, skills and colours. 

"Black & Whites" were always the colour queens. 

whitsundays weddingsDifferent angles of shooting give us the different perspective of the event.

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Sometimes we need to get rid of some details, which are not important. Sometimes we need to add some details as an additional information of the event. Sometimes the way of shooting and the image as the result can give us the feeling of our presence in this event even if we weren't there. The more different feelings we are getting by looking at the image the more time we spend by looking at it the more valuable the image get by itself.

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Add one more person to the action. Ask him to play and you can get the more valuable image. Capture one more person who is doing something else during the main event and you can get a masterpiece if you do it in a right way.

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The wide angle lens can give you completely different image. 

There is always a challenge for me in every shooting. 

I hope even this several photos gave you an example of what I can offer if you book me as a photographer for your special day. 

If it's not enough you can find more of my art work on this web site from the slideshows to different styles in the gallery section.

If you like my different styles and want me to be a visible or invisible part of your life event please give me a buzz and you'll never regret!

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