Daniel and Kayla Proposal. Whitsundays. Whitehaven Beach. Professional Helicopter Engagement and Wedding Photographer Airlie Beach.

Daniel and Kayla Proposal. Whitsundays. Whitehaven Beach. Professional Helicopter Engagement and Wedding Photographer Airlie Beach.

It was amazing day for proposal. Kayla didn't suspect something. They just came to the Whitehaven Beach on a helicopter to enjoy an amazing scenery of the Hill Inlet and the Whitehaven beach. I would say it's the best way to impress your partner. After this mind blowing flight she even didn't have a chance to say no. That's what Daniel needed.

I came to the place they were about to land on another helicopter, got my cameras ready for a distance shot and was sitting peacefully with the pilot, chatting about the jobs in the Whitsundays. We even put the coconut for another helicopter pilot so he knows where to land. In this case they would land straight on the spot I needed for a nice shot.

Kyla didn't know anything about it, but Daniel knew...

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Whitehaven Beach proposal photography.Main Part. Airlie Beach. Whitsundays.

whitehaven-beach-proposal They landed and Daniel was overexcited. We made and arrangement with him that he is going to propose close to the helicopter, so I can get all of it (helicopter and them) in one shot.

Daniel forgot about it, and I understand why...He was shining and looked like "before the explosion". Just look at his happy smile!

Kayla thought, that I'm a pilot and was wondering in her mind, why did I come to the Whitehaven Beach by myself. What I noticed, that the girls in such a moments have a sharp brain and a big intuition.

Anyway, she didn't suspect me as their photographer and noticed me, only after she said: "YES"!

What else can you expect from love? It's yes to love always!


Now she was shining!

They did have it all: sparkling wine, lots of sandy toes and salty kisses, hugs, kisses again and joy!


Please have a look at some of the photos in the gallery down below the text.

I've picked up and edited 160 photographs for them. But...It's never enough..It all depends on time.

If you are looking for a true storytelling professional photographer, you came to the right place.

Give me a buzz and I promise we'll create the unique and sneaky proposal plan and  keep it in secret so she will never suspect anything.

Be sure I'll capture your unforgettable moments in a most creative way possible!

Looking forward to meet you both!

See you soon around the Whitsundays and beyond.

Sincerely Yours

Dimi Kash



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