It was an amazing day. I've got 1000 edited pictures from the full day of working with Karla and Alex as a wedding photographer.  I can't put all the pictures on this blog, but I'm trying to do my best to choose the most interesting ones which truly reflect of what had happened on their wedding day. I think you'll agree with me that they are beautiful and not boring at all. If you want to have something new and fresh, not the old school style pictures for your special day, you came to the right place. Please have a look at all this photos. If you like this storytelling style and want to book me just send me a link and I'll answer any questions you have.

It was an amazing crazy time. I didn't expect to meet a lot of couple who was going to get married on this magic magnificent event, "one week" city, another planet or whatever the people call Burning Man. I was so lucky to meet two beautiful couples on my way, on the dusty unmarked life intersections, and became their official wedding photographer. It all happened in the middle of nowhere or in different words, in the middle of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

Please sit back, relax and have a look at this unreal, surreal and fantastic pic's.

Now all Sweet Studio photography & video packages go in a beautifully crafted presentation boxes. They are ideal to keep your memories safe and in a right manner.

It was the perfect winter day in the Whitsundays.

Kat & Tony had an elopement wedding on a Daydream Island and the Lovers Cove was the best place for their ceremony and the photography too.

Kat asked me if I can do more landscape photos with them, because she doesn't like the close up portrait shots. They've chosen to have only two hours for photography and look what we've done!

Their wedding turned out to be just as planned. The weather was perfect, and even though they were both nervous, as you would think, everything went great. They started of being very calm, like everything was normal, in no rush, but it was still clear in their mind that today it was their special day. Friends and family helped them both to get through the fun of doing makeup, hair and of course putting on the wedding dress. 

It was a beautiful day in the Whitsundays with the beautiful and creative couple!

They were so natural during the whole wedding and wanted to go in the water to do "trash the dress" shots.

It was the proper time to get the priceless pictures with the sparkles in their eyes and the nice smiles. Please have a look at this beautiful and natural photos which reflect the spirit of the wedding day.

You'll find some difference in between this alive Sweet Studio photography style and the normal old style wedding photos. At the end it's up to you which photographer to choose for your wedding.

"Waterline on Shingley" wedding venue is a beautiful place for any occasions. Here is the couple of shots of the wedding reception decoration provided by "I Do Events Whitsundays" local company. All the photos were taken by the Sweet Studio.

We finished our pool underwater photography story and did some amazing shots in Coral Sea Resort and on a main street of Airlie Beach at night time.

If you are here for the holiday and fall it love with this place, you may get an interesting photos which will inspire you years and years after.

Creating the Love Story was an amazing experience, one I'll never forget and treasure forever.

Shooting the photos I felt a range of emotions, excitement, love, passion, intimacy and there was a lot of laughter!

It's not as easy as it looks to pose and create photos underwater, but our photographer Dimi was great. His patience (he needed a lot with us), creativity and passion for the job made us feel very comfortable during the shoot.

My advice would be to just relax, and pretend it's just you and your partner alone. That way your passion and love will reflect naturally in the photographs. Be completely yourself, get creative and enjoy it. The more laughter, the more smiles and the more love.

It was  a magical feeling underwater, it felt like being in a bubble, just my partner and I. I recommend this shoot to everyone, get creative with your very own love story under water.

Are you planning to have your wedding in the Whitsundays? Here is the story....

The Daydream Island was perfect for Karla and Richard's wedding. They wanted to do it somewhere out of their town and the gorgeous landscape & ocean view gave them the chance to have it all in this hidden gem. Yes, it's was a great place for the wedding photography in the Whitsundays . The blue water around and lots of swimming pools inside  always give an endless opportunities for a wedding photographers and their couples on Daydream Island.

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