Renata & Anthony. Bowen Wedding Photographer. Bowen Wedding Photography.

Renata & Anthony. Bowen Wedding Photographer. Bowen Wedding Photography.

Bowen is one of themes beautiful wedding destinations in theWhitsundays. I call it Australian Seychelles due to it's rocky beaches and clear water. Imagine, if we have such as Horseshoe Bay beach in Airlie?! Renata & Anthony made the right choice of picking up Bowen as their wedding destination. Here is why...



Wedding photography/video «Sweet Studio»

Bowen is the north point of the Whitsundays.  You can't beat it's beautiful beaches. They are rare and unique. Renata & Antony decided to get married on a small beach, facing the sunset at Greys bay close to Whitsunday Sands Resort.


Empty beach...Beautiful breeze...The people you love...Your dreams come true...No regrets...Pure emotions...Beautiful sunset...

It was a small wedding, only them and kids....and the Pacific Sunset just at the door...

I captured a short wedding story during the short 1.5 hours and here is some of their moments...


Sometimes it's difficult to pick up the place for your wedding. Even in Bowen you have lots of beautiful beaches such as Horseshoe Bay, Rose Bay, Murrays Bay, Greys Bay, Kings Beach, Queens Beach and Coral Bay.

Just spend your day and do the coastal line walk. I'm sure you'll find your spot with the special vibes, like my couple did when they first time visited Bowen.


If you are looking for an easy going professional and creative wedding photographer in Bowen, you came to the right place. 

If you like what you see and want your wedding to be shot in the same way and style, please give me a buzz and you'll never regret.

Sincerely Yours



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