Rhiannon & Michael wedding, VMR, Airlie Beach

Rhiannon & Michael wedding, VMR, Airlie Beach
Here is some of the images of those unforgettable moments from Rhiannon & Michael wedding which took place in Airlie Beach and Cannonvale on the 30-th of December 2017. What you need for the weather is sun and wind. We had both of them. For me as their photographer they were perfect. Just have a look at this natural candid photographs. There is passion, energy and love are coming over the edges. The fire burns in their hearts and eyes.
Wedding photography/video «Sweet Studio»

It was the end of December.

They've met at Glambox-Petite hair studio in Cannonvale to make their hair to drive all the man mad. What else for? That's women's nature-to be beautiful. It's their instincts. I captured that transformation with my camera and nearly fell in love by myself with beautiful maid of honour.

The boys were getting ready at Airlie Beach Motor Lodge. Wedding rings in Lotus, shaving, putting the shoes on and having fun.

"...It's a time to put the dress on and you are always checking out the time. Yes, you have 5 minutes for your kids to have a chat with them of what they have to do when they are walking down the isle. You are almost sure that they'll forget about it, but....

Everybody look beautiful and you feel a little nervous. "Moet" usually helps and you and your loved ones jump into limo where you suddenly feel special. Five minutes to go to VMR...

Guests, smiles, magic feelings...Where are the kids?...

You meet up your dad and see the tears in his eyes...You start to cry too...

I do, I do. I promise, I promise. You look in his eyes and understand that you missed him so much that morning. You are together again, you feel the warm somewhere in your chest. There is no hesitation. You've been together for a long time. You want to come up closer to him and hear: "Now you can kiss the bride!" Oh...You missed your celebrant speech, cause your mind was flying somewhere else....

His lips...His tonque...Familiar taste...You would kiss longer, but they ask you to go to the table and sign up the wedding certificate.

Fooohh....Done! Guests, Friends, Congrats. We can escape for a couple of hours for location shots with Dimi.

The fresh breeze is like a gift from the Ocean at the end of December in tropical Airlie Beach. Boom-boom. Relax. Kiss. Relax. Kiss again. Jump. Run. Hug. Hide. Dimi showed me some of our photos in his camera. They look amazing! I'm happy!...

It's never enough for location shots, but we need to go to the reception.

Guests. Food. Cake cutting. First dance. Kids...and the unknown future together...happy future..."




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