Sherri & Philip, Dolce Vita Catamaran Wedding, Daydream Island

Sherri & Philip, Dolce Vita Catamaran Wedding, Daydream Island

What can be better, than to get married on the boat or a catamaran in the Whitsundays? That's what Sherri and Phil decided to do-to spend several days in the ocean, get wild and get married ship's ahoy. I was so happy to spend a couple of hours with them and capture that unforgettable moments as they were. Here is their story...

Wedding photography/video «Sweet Studio»

It was only the short two hours for me, near the Daydream Island in the Whitsundays. You know, it's never enough. Hopefully they'd got the photos of that magnificent sunset that evening with their cameras.

It's always about the photographer, his ability to get what happens in the interesting way possible and about the couple, who are the main actors in that day. I think you agree with me. There is no matter, where it is, what weather it is.

Sherri and Philip are amazing, natural and it wwere so interesting to work with. Ones again, I wish I had more time with them.

The photography on the boat is always a challenge. Even if it's the small catamaran, there are nearly endless possibilities for the wedding shots. If you don't want to pose, just do what you want, relax and forget about me. I'm the part of the process and capture that beautiful moments of your wedding day in a best natural way possible. It's called the photo journalistic style. This one is the most interesting and more productive.

I don't want to say something else, the photos tell always better. Here they are...

wedding table

she is waiting


wedding rings

I picked up the most interesting from 350 pictures. That's what they've got on a USB from me. You may also have a look at their slideshow here.

Thank you for looking and hope to see you soon somewhere on the wedding intersections!




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