Stacey & Kevin wedding. Airlie Beach.

Stacey & Kevin wedding. Airlie Beach.

Beautiful couple, tropical Australian Coast, Whitsundays, nice weather and great photo-video crew. What else do you want as a photographer? It's nearly perfect. I would add more time in between the ceremony and reception, because it's never enough.  Just have a look at their wedding photos which tell the true story...

Wedding photography/video «Sweet Studio»

...Stacey & Kevin were in Love...I noticed it straight after I met them several month's ago, when they were looking for the photographer for their wedding. We've met in Sorrento Bar in south part of the Abell Point Marina. They were staring at each other like the mad lovers. They were beautiful. I understood at that moment that it's going to be an interesting time and I can get a lot of photo masterpieces and something incredible in the pre-wedding photo shoot. It wasn't a mistake...

They impressed me with the wedding arrangements, timing and  choices. Sure, we started from the bride and groom getting ready. I must say, that it doesn't matter what time of the wedding day it is. Something interesting can happen at anytime. I would always choose the full day photography package, in this way you don't care about the time and the photographer won't miss the interesting moments which will be captured and seen with the warm smiles at anytime and years later.

I nearly forgot about the impression...Here it is...

...Stacey slept in...she had to wake up at 6.30 a.m, but she did it at 7.00. The reason is, it was too much things to do and she was worried about her wedding day as any bride does. She rolled to the side of her bed and with the closed eyes reached something on the floor underneath and smiled...Her wedding shoes...She sat, took them out from the beige box, looked at them with the screwed-up eyes and put them on...She liked them so much..She made a couple of steps, thinking that she is going to be the most beautiful bride in the whole Universe and beyond...Kevin will fall down straight when he see her at the church and hopefully loose his mind to the rest of their lives, so she will be the princess for him forever. She will...

"I can do whatever I want to do and at anytime today",-she thought, reached the cold bottle in the fridge, unscrewed the top, shaked it up and down (only the girls do it in such a way) and shot to the ceiling light with the loud laughter...MOET & CHANDON was sparkling in her glass inviting her to the wedding adventure. She felt ready.

Kevin was still asleep at this time. He had a dream about the wrong haircut which he did yesterday and quite liked it. The hair was messy and looked more like he was going to go to the punk concert, not for a wedding. Kevin didn't know that it was only a dream. He was worrying, running in the unknown place and looking for a mirror to make it right. He was wearing boarding shorts, unbelievably long winter fur coat of the 18-th century and a kids thongs, which were fit only on his tiptoes...He had to be in a church in a minute....

"Yes!! It's a dream!"-screamed Kevin, when he woke up...The cold sweat on his forehead started to evaporate and the big grin in the mirror in front of him said that he is a winner. Yes, he won when he met her in a pub three years ago. He couldn't see something else but her eyes...It was his biggest victory to find her. The rest didn't look so difficult and even important. That time he was sure that she is his, even without knowing her name. She felt something similar when their eyes have met...

If we remove the roofs from the houses where the were getting ready and make the time run faster we would see an amazing running lovers spending the rest of their unmarried lives on the both sides of the line which leads them to each other...Please lead as fast as possible! Any shortcuts are preferable! See you at the church....

"Why I'm not Kevin? I would give everything for her look...",-was thinking the priest when he saw her and her father entering the ceremony.....It seemed to him, that he forgot the prayer, that's how beautiful she was...He started to find and put together his falling apart brain...

...That's what the beauty does..It drives you mad, it makes you happy, it shows you the way. It shows you it's power and gives you the understanding that this world was created for Love,with Love and to Love. The beauty of it is indescribable. Don't plan anything else...They didn't... They were staying in front of each other, holding hands, happy and mad. There should be the touch of madness in everything what really matters. Sure there is lots of madness in Love..

Done! Rose petals are falling on the heads, lots of hungry people waiting for the reception, the beautiful sunshine is as a gift for a nice photography time.

Lots of attention is a fatigue test. They need a rest for at least of a half of a century, but the time is not waiting...There is still lots of stuff to do. Hurry up..We need to  go.. Stop! Just have a break, sit down on the grass, take your shoes off, have your favorite drink with your closest friends. Be in the moment....Relax and feel the Magic....The magic of Love...

Ferry lights. Beautiful guests sitting around the dining tables under the stars. Foood finally! Feed me!!  I'm full!  Now it's a time for a dance! Celebrate! Be yourself! Anyway, they know who you are!...or they don't ? Show them! Show them how you can dance! No fear! Go!


...they were in a bed with their eyes closed one around....Now there was the same music in the both hearts with its unique tune and theme. Their breath, their whisper and their own story...The story which just started.....with Love:)

wedding shoes & makeup


wedding dress

Stacey's wedding dress

the view through the wedding high hills

wedding flowers

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best wedding photographer Airlie Beach


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wedding shoes

Stacey & Mirror, Airlie Beach photographer

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tightening the wedding dress, Airlie Beach

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Stacey Lee Alexander wedding

Stace Lee Alexander wedding, Airlie Beach

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Kevins working boots

Stacey is going into the ocean

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Stacey & Car

Happy Kevin

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so serious

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wedding rings, Airlie Beach

first kiss as bride and groom

sign please...

got married!


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weddings whitsundays

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best wedding photographer, Airlie Beach, whitsundays

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lots of pictures with the old car

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Wedding Photographer Airlie Beach

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the look of love is in your eyes..

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Stacey & Kevin

candid wedding shots

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the story

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Kevin and Boys


before the sunset

at the sunset

at the sunset, weddings whitsundays

Kevin and Stacey

bridal party all together

at the sunset

upin the air

beautiful jump, whitsundays weddings

the winners

the sunset, Airlie Beach, whitsundays

the road



the wedding cake

the dance

the traffic light

go, Kevin, go!

done and dusted!

Stacey & Kevin's wedding, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays


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