Tamara and Lance wedding, Coral Sea Resort, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays

Tamara and Lance wedding, Coral Sea Resort, Airlie Beach, Whitsundays
It was the true storytelling photography style from Sweet Studio. Tamara and Lance were easy and natural. They were ready to do everything to get the nice shots, but the truth is it's easy. Just be yourself, do what you want (because it's your wedding) and forget that there is the photographer hiding in the bush. There are no rules, no conditions, no photographer. Just let your feelings fly freely and let it go. Here is how it was...
Wedding photography/video «Sweet Studio»

Coral Sea Resort

Coral Sea Resort is one of the best places for weddings. There is the beautiful views, the nice breeze in hot days and the biggest ocean at your door step. It's one of my favourite spots for the wedding photography too. You don't need to go too far. There are the rocks with the islands on the background, the palms, the water and the famous old jetty. The views from the room are mind blowing!


It takes less time for the boys to get ready, so, when the girls are busy, the groomsman are in the pool drinking beer and having fun with Lance.


I really can't put here all the photos, because there are lots of them. I picked up the most interesting ones which definitely tell the story and shine with the beauty and energy.

wedding shoes

contr light


There are a lot of amazing and unforgettable moments when the bride and groom are getting ready and lots of things happening. It's great if you have someone who professionally captures it in photo journalistic and most difficult for the wedding photographers style.feed me

feed me part-2

in her room

what had happened?

the flowers

the flowers part-2


The makeup shots are always interesting and fun. Just have a look at them...



the makeup part three

the feet

the bride maids work

Lance didn't need to do the makeup and he was chilling out with his groomsman on the balcony.

gat the grooms place

Lance is getting ready

getting ready

shoes & ties

Do you know, that it takes hours for the bride to make hair and minutes for the groom.


in the mirror

I picked up nearly 100 photos to show what you can get from the full day photography package. I physically can't put all 800 pictures here, but there is no need indeed.

the Man

ready to go


wedding dress

more flowers

spray it

mirror in the mirror


black and white dance

dress on

Tamara with her mum


coral sea resort ceremony loan

with her father

the guests



the bride's look of love

wedding ring

one more ring

sign up

the guests

the palms

the gangs

the reflections



the ring

the bridal party

the jump

wedding rings


the beauty

island view

palms and water

together in flowers



lost in the wild


in the clouds

old school



the Love

night coral sea resort

gasebo coral sea resort

wedding cake

wedding cake cutting

no way!





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