There was a smell of fires and Antarctica on the street. The huge bikers stopped near the cafe Hungry Hippo, where else? We were on the road again. We were tuned on it. We trusted it like a little boy trusts his father and holds the finger on his hand when they are walking somewhere. The boy doesn't know where and doesn't worry at all fully relating on his dad. Justina and Alisa were dipping the carrots into the hummus cause they felt hungry already the third time on this morning. But let me tell you the story from the beginning...

...I didn't know where to go. I knew that it was the time for travel and it was actually enough. The cheapest return tickets I found were to Philippines. Philippines again? Why not. We've been only in Coron Island there and definitely there should be something more among that 7 641 islands. So, I packed my bag and went into the clouds.

...What is the best travel digital camera? Is it expensive? I don't want to carry one more camera bag with me, I just want to keep it in my pocket to take it out in a sec when the time is right. I'm not professional, I just want to point and push the button. I don't have the time to edit RAW files, so the jpeg images should be great straight out of the camera. Lots of people asking this questions. Here is my photographs, which I've done working with Manataray Charters around the Whitsunday Islands, Australia. Yes, it wouldn't be enough for weddings, but more than enough for travel adventures. It's simple and it's Canon G16 ...Have a look!



...we were laying in a hammock and listening for a night Jungle Song. Of at least 7 different insects and a couple of frogs were performing the best lalabye ever. A couple of big hairy spiders crawled from the inside of the mosquito net in a search of a fresh food. The Amazon River delta was wet and swampy and the hammocks were the usual way to sleep in a jungles. The active life don't stop here and continues 24/7. So, the lalabye lasts the whole night and the different singers (or hunters) sing, moan, scream, whisper, lough, rub, squeal,stomp, eat, gurgle, grunt etc at the different times or all together. It was wonderful and unforgettable night in Peruvian part of one of the countless Amazon delta rivers.

...he was staying on the road with his car broken, stopped me and asked to give him a lift to Oarzazate. I said yes and it changed my route. I was driving to Merzouga desert and going to find the local guy with two camels and ask him to go in a desert for two days. Ibrahim, that was the name of the man I picked up, said, that Mhamid desert is much better and that he has a family there, definitely, from today I'm a part of it, because I helped him and it's gonna be a really good-good price...He also said that it's a destiny, that we've met, and they call it a Wind of Life in Sahara...

That wind of life not only changed my route but changed my trust to Morrocan people at started straight on the first day...Here is the story.


...the wild Sin River bank looked different this evening.

The people on 20 kayaks found the spots to unload their small 5.5 meters boats and a small group of drifters already was sitting and laughing around the small gas burner making the ritual tea which was called "the Shaggy Butterfly Cafe". Each of them was the true legend with a lot of adventurous stories in his/her pockets. They came together to do this short kayaking trip, to live their lives in their own natural way. Their jokes and lough's were flowing upon the river in all directions and didn't interfere but went to resonate with nightingale song, adding the nice vibrations to this wild place and to this beautiful, flying in mystery planet itself.

...the cloud slowly flowed under my thermo. It was misty, cold, wet and dark. Fast breathing, high hard rate...It seemed to me that there wasn't enough oxigen in the air..There wasn't...It was the 3600m altitude on Khopra and it was enough for me and Dan. We weren't experienced mountain climbers and we've been in the mountains for less than a week, so we had to have a time to adjust to high altitudes... took two days(two flights & two buses) to get to the winter. Simply I switched the winter switch on when I wanted. It's like you live in a constant summer and turn the blue switch on to cool down and ride in a snow powder whenever you want. My daughter Alisa lives in between two volcanos and already became a part of the mountains... It's easy, when you work here as a snowboarding instructor...

I taste the beer and feel that they brew it better here than in Queensland. It's the first spring day and there is the strong wind on the mountain, but I'm so happy that I'm here, that Alisa is riding somewhere close, that the snow is not only slowly falling but blocking all my sence holes and I love him (snow) again, like I loved him when I did my long winter trips in the past when I was working as a tourist instructor. 

I discovered that Japanese people are amazing and I'm getting drunk without the sake with the strong wind out of boundaries....

There is no time for me again..There is only the flowing snow, Alisa's lough and heaps of snowboarding gear which is drying up now to ride in between the sky and ground tomorrow...





Where to do SCUBA Diving in the Whitsundays and what can you see? Can I dive from the mainland or I need to find the boat? Can I hire the equipment and how much does it cost? Is it beautiful? Is it a part of the Great Barrier Reef? Where can I find the proper underwater photographer in Airlie Beach to take some photos with us? 

I'm going to answer all this questions here and show you some  of the amazing photographs from my countless dives in the Whitsundays.
 was always my second passion. Whenever I can I put my mask on and dissolve unda da sea...or even in a dirty pond when there is no sea around.

It' is all about the emotions and feelings. I dissolve in the water and it's always the best time of my day which becomes one of the best parts of my life I never regret of.

My photographs are like the side effects, like the cuts from the snowflakes, which I'm cutting nearly all the time-to keep it snowing. I love it. I love taking photos and I'm always "deep and wet" as much as I can.

So, here is what's left after my snowflakes..Enjoy...Hopefully it'll make you to create your own ones...

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