With the Flow. Philippines.

With the Flow. Philippines.
...I didn't know where to go. I knew that it was the time for travel and it was actually enough. The cheapest return tickets I found were to Philippines. Philippines again? Why not. We've been only in Coron Island there and definitely there should be something more among that 7 641 islands. So, I packed my bag and went into the clouds.
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SCUBA Diving was the reason. This small Island is famous for it's thrasher sharks which are coming to the same spot every day on the depth of 30 meters to clean up their bodies. I found the best spot on the island to stay-it was Thrasher Cove dive resort. Located on the north it was calm and peaceful. My bungalow was just a couple of meters from the water and I found really nice snorkelling spots around there too.


Every day is different, so you can go diving with sharks every morning. Sometimes they come up really close. Snorkelling around the north top of the island can give you anything you want but the frog fish. To find the frog fish we went to Gato Island (Cat Island). This little creatures are sometimes difficult to find unless they are red.


SCUBA Diving and chilling out under the stars that's what Malapasqua was for me. You may find more underwater photographs in the gallery at the bottom of this page.


I found amazing photographs in internet from Bucas Grande island and bought my next tickets. My base was in General Luna. One day I went to Dapa port, found the boat with the young skipper and hired him for a day for four of us. The trip was amazing but some places on Bucas Grande were so touristy. Anyway, we can always find some nice and secluded spots. To find them, you need to hire a scooter!


The roads on Siargao are ok for the scooters, but on some spots they are horrible. I crashed on one of this slippery old cement patches and had to go to the doctor, because my leg was swollen and I got an infection. That's what can stop you for a couple of weeks. That's what stopped me. I couldn't go and explore the underwater places anymore because my wounds should be dry.

I was zooming around the island on scooter but the underwater world was closed for Dimi for a couple of weeks as it appeared later.


Tarsiers, Chocolate hills and SCUBA Diving. I went to Bohol-Lahoy Dive resort, hoping that at the end of my trip I'll be able to do diving again, but unfortunately I couldn't do it due to still present tropical infection. Yes, I hired another scooter and we went to the Chocolate hills and found Tarsiers. It was amazing.


We can find beautiful and unbelievable places in any country, I'm sure.

The nature shows us it's beauty straight, after we do the first step towards the unknown. There is no more ceiling, walls and music from the speakers. All of it was changed into stars, whispering jungles and a hundreds of languages, which we don't quite understand but feel.

We are alive again.


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