Down the Sin River. Russia.

Down the Sin River. Russia.

...the wild Sin River bank looked different this evening.

The people on 20 kayaks found the spots to unload their small 5.5 meters boats and a small group of drifters already was sitting and laughing around the small gas burner making the ritual tea which was called "the Shaggy Butterfly Cafe". Each of them was the true legend with a lot of adventurous stories in his/her pockets. They came together to do this short kayaking trip, to live their lives in their own natural way. Their jokes and lough's were flowing upon the river in all directions and didn't interfere but went to resonate with nightingale song, adding the nice vibrations to this wild place and to this beautiful, flying in mystery planet itself.

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..if you need "sutra", make your own one and sing it whenever you want, without the rules and restrictions...

The hidden treasure of the Sin River

 ...was the main reason, that all of this 51 salty drifters came together.

Some of them knew about it, some of them just found out about it before the trip, some of them (the most experienced ones) smelled it in the air far before it happened. 


It's like you are sitting in a Pub and the "unknown" strange person brakes into it. The time slows down straight away and the pub's noise disappears, fully swallowed with the scene, when the man with the sparkling eyes and the burned gunpowder smell coming out from his ears comes up to you and tells that he is looking for a crew for his mysterious boat. 

You can't say "No", of at least straight away. That's how magic works and that's how it was with one of this drifters.

She couldn't say "No" because she felt the draw to that out of normal life offer.

She couldn't say straight "Yes", firstly because she was a girl and secondly because she still didn't learn fully how to trust her heart.

The heart new, tried it's best to send the signals to the host, but the lack of that "trust this magic world" stuff in her experience only let her tell this normal answer: " I'll think about it"

Sometimes it's necessary to think. Sometimes the luck and dream which you were waiting for all your life couldn't wait and you need to speed up and jump on a slowed down train from forgotten grassy platform, when the trains don't stop anymore or WAKE UP and run to the old wooden pier, when they already putting the sails up and cutting lines with their swords at night.

This time whoever it was, decided to knock in her door until she opens it or if she doesn't, just brake into it. The gunpowder smelly guy just fell down on her bench, ordered the incredible amount of rum and was ready to wait for ages if it's needed.

Sometimes we have all the time in the universe, sometimes only a couple of seconds.

...She said "Yes" several days later and fell straight into the river's hands.


You can't resist the Spring

... especially if you are surrounded and soaked with the spring waters and sun.

You start blooming unintentionally and become a part of this magic process where everything is performing it's best dance ever. Because it's the Spring and it supposed to be like this.

You drift within the nature. You dissolve in a river's current and loose unnecessary winter skin which you don't need anymore. There is no more questions and suggestions. There is no worry about the future and thoughts about the past because this amazing today's presence is more than enough.

Talk with River. 

There was no timetable for drifters. They could sing the songs the whole night, sleep and load their small ships only in a midday. They took off when they wanted and all the way down the stream looked like the the silent talk, where you can feel more than you can explain. There was no reason to explain anything anyway, because everybody were in the same bubbling sup.

It usually happens when one of the kayaks got lost or slowed down. Sure sometimes it's the reason for an opposite action such as naked dances in a middle of the river or preparation for a kayaking battle. 

Food on fire, sleeping in tents or under the stars, incredible friends and the road. Isn't that simple treasures which came to us through the centuries?

Go with the flow

They didn't use the river as a way to go from one camping place to another, they lived it and used their time in their own way. Some of them were laying back, looking at the sky, someones were singing songs and telling stories, another ones were drinking sparking wine straight from the bottle, parked port side to star board. 


Svetik...or "Yes" to Stranger. was the name of the girl, who said "Yes" to the stranger...Remember?

The skipper even didn't give her everybody's favourite jobs as cleaning decks and washing dishes...She didn't have a night shifts and didn't cook the food. Sometimes to do something you should do nothing as long as it's needed.

You can't rush and make the flower bloom, it'll do it by itself in time or in a good conditions. Sometimes, to have a nice deckhand you need to give her a time to fall in love first...with water, boat, winds, sun and skipper:)

When her smile gets bigger and shines like a thousand of opened treasure chests there is a big chance you can have a morning coffee in your cabin and all what fallows after. I mean a good deckie.


The most significant thing you can do with the kids is to take them to the nature. Sadhguru. 

They were the kids of drifters. They had the most important things what they could have, freedom and a night campfire, which was especially made for them, separately from the main one. The adult-drifters just gave them a safety briefing at the beginning of the trip and were paying attention when they needed food or asked for love, big knives or fishing rods.

The wise nature was a main teacher and a world of discovery stayed behind each of them 24/7. The freedom of making their own decisions in this age is priceless and the studying process goes on different levels. The new skills and knowledge enter the young bodies in a natural way, through the experience.

The kids become the main teachers for the adults. It sounds strange but feels true.

Do you wanna get the wise answer, ask (or look at) the kids:)


Help toads to mate...

...of at least...

 ...just some crazy things which may become the main unforgettable stories of your life. 

Hug. Love. Lough. Cry. Dance. Feel. Make the mistakes. Kiss. Live. Ride. Talk. Ask. Find the way. Never give up. Drift...

Help the toads to see? They never give up!

toad-mating-alexey-russiaSee you somewhere on the intersections of this beautiful planet.



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