Fragments of freedom. Nudibranchs of the Whitsundays. Part-1

Fragments of freedom. Nudibranchs of the Whitsundays. Part-1 was always my second passion. Whenever I can I put my mask on and dissolve unda da sea...or even in a dirty pond when there is no sea around.

It' is all about the emotions and feelings. I dissolve in the water and it's always the best time of my day which becomes one of the best parts of my life I never regret of.

My photographs are like the side effects, like the cuts from the snowflakes, which I'm cutting nearly all the time-to keep it snowing. I love it. I love taking photos and I'm always "deep and wet" as much as I can.

So, here is what's left after my snowflakes..Enjoy...Hopefully it'll make you to create your own ones...

Wedding photography/video «Sweet Studio»

Wow! Who is it? It's a flat worm and it's beautiful. The red colour disappear in 1-2 meters. This boy was close to the surface and I didn't use the flash. 

flat worm, Hook Island, Whitsundays

Here is the Nudibranch. It relates to molluscs, has gills and horns. There are hundreds of different colour nudibranchs and they always drive me mad with their colours and shapes.

Nudibranch. Dimi Kash. Photography. Whitsundays.

Here is another one. It looks like hippo and I met him only ones in the Whitsundays. 


Even on one dive spot you can find so many of them but not at the same time. I've been diving on Hook Island for 7 years so far and here is the nudibranchs I was lucky to find and capture during this 7 long years. I want to say big THANK YOU to True Blue Sailing and Mantaray Charters where I worked and still working as a photographer. Without them it wouldn't be possible.

nudibranch, Hook Island, Whitsundays, Scuba Diving

one more beautiful nudibranch air lie beach

nudibranchs couple, underwater photographer, whitsundays

Magnificent nudibranch

I don't know their scientific names, I don't need to. Their only presence is completely enough.

nudibranch, whitsundays, scuba diving, Dimi Kash

To be more exact they are the snails without the shells and with the tree shaped gills on their backs. Isn't it awesome?

white orange nudibranch, whitsundays

This Black rose was made with mating nudibranchs on the same Luncheon Bay. All the corals of the bay were wiped away with the cyclone Debbie on the 28-th of March 2017.

black rose made from nudibranchs

snow white nudibranch

Some of them are just 1cm big...

red-white snail, nudibranch, diving, australia

..but that's because they are scared. Just wait a bit and it'll relax and get longer.

red and white nudibranch, australia, queensland

Here is the flat worm who pretends that he is the nudibranch by folding the front part of his body into the horns or antennas.

flat worm pretend

Some of the images are not sharp. I was rushing after my divers I was taking photos with and on my way sometimes I had only seconds to stop and push the button. 

flowery snail, whitsundays, australia

This one has really interesting body shape. I saw him only ones too.

yellow and black nudibranch, australia

The wonderful wandering dragon.

Every day is different, especially underwater. Look how many wonderful creatures live on our backyard.

What are you waiting for?






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